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About Me

I met my wife on, not too long before I made the switch to a life of massage therapy. Usually when one fills out one's profile for a service like that, one emphasizes the positives, glosses over the negatives, and puts forth the most appealing representation possible.

Not me...

Sure, I made myself out to be a great guy ('cause I am), but I also got pretty specific about the qualities that I disliked in people. Did that scare away a few nice, if flawed, potential dates? Certainly, but it also filtered out a lot of the chaff; relationships that would be ultimately doomed. And as a result of that genuineness, I am married to a woman that "gets" me, and I her.     ::Cue happily-ever-after music::

Now, choosing a massage therapist has somewhat fewer potential hazards than picking a mate, but you're still faced with finding someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. From a therapeutic standpoint, that's the only  way to disengage your fight-or-flight response and find the way to deep healing.

And so I've created this website, myself, with a heaping helping of my own personality and quirky humor, so you can get a glimpse of who I  really am. And so help you bring down the barriers to your  ultimate health.

If you want a resume-esque "About Me" blurb that reads like a PR firm wrote it, check out my Bio. If you want to get more of a sense of what I'm really  About, read everything else...

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