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Deep Tissue Massage

While "deep tissue" may sound a bit daunting or invasive, It can actually be quite a gentle and satisfying experience.

Anatomically, your muscles are mostly arranged in layers, sometimes many.  When a trouble spot has developed in the deeper strata, some focused work is in order.  However, the layers closer to the surface may also harbor some tension, making the entire area tender and uncomfortable to the touch.

Enter Deep Tissue Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage is a systematic approach to relaxing and elongating the layers of muscular tissue, one by one, until the troublesome areas are relieved.  In the hands of a skilled therapist, this approach rarely causes discomfort, but produces an "...oh, that's the spot..." response.  Techniques can vary widely, from slow and broad to more vigorous, depending on the area being treated.

While Deep Tissue is generally used for targeted sessions, I do employ it periodically for Wellness/Relaxation sessions when the need arises.


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