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Maternity & Prenatal

As a certified and experienced prenatal specialist and father of three, I've helped many women address the discomforts of the most amazing transformation a body can undergo.  

In my PreNatal sessions, I use positions and techniques that ensure the comfort, health, and safety of mother and child.  Expectant mothers can look forward to relief from the discomfort associated with structural stresses that arise from pregnancy.  Hormonal softening of the connective tissue (tendons & ligaments), combined with a rapid gain in mass and shifting weight distribution, can pose new challenges for the body's structure. New patterns arise, and with them pain and dysfunction.  While this is rarely severe, it can certainly tarnish an amazing journey.

Gestational sciatica (pain radiating throughout the hip or down the leg) is one of the few conditions that can be quite debilitating, yet responds nearly universally*  to massage therapy.  I urge you to contact me for a consultation if you or someone pregnant that you know suffers from this; it doesn't have to be so...

Beyond making pregnancy more pleasant, regular prenatal massage can play a big role in baby's entry into the world.  In studies conducted by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami, prenatal massage was found to reduce complications during delivery, and decrease the duration and discomfort of labor.

From the first trimester of pregnancy, through labor and delivery, to postpartum recovery, I treat the needs of all stages of pregnancy.

* Re: Sciatica - I have yet to unsuccessfully treat this condition in my Prenatal practice.  I wish I could say that it's a one time treatment, but the structural conditions that cause it don't dissipate until after delivery.  Generally, relief is immediate and can last from several days to weeks, with successive treatments lasting longer.  I offer this treatment in hour and half-hour sessions to fit into scheduling and budgetary limitations.

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