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Read/heard/seen enough and ready to book a massage?

If you're booking your first session, choose "My First Session" and don't sweat the details; it'll all be taken care of.  You will be asked to create a login/password that will allow you to keep track of your past and future appointments, and allow you to book/change/cancel a session 24/7.


General hours are as follows (please refer to the online scheduler to see specific open sessions, or call/text/email):

Monday - 9a-12p & 3:30p-6p

Wednesday - 9a-12p & 3:30p-6p

Friday - 8a-6p

Saturdays - 9a-3p

(Please note that M & W morning sessions are more susceptible to school conflicts/child illness cancellations, due to my being the primary caregiver for our three kids on these days).


You will receive a reminder email a day or two prior to your scheduled appointment if you have provided an email address.  This reminder gives you time to cancel or reschedule if needed, before running afoul of the cancellation policy.

Your comfort and confidence are my highest priority, so send me an email, call, or text (here) if you have any questions or concerns.  There's also a list of FAQs (here) that covers the basics.

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