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Who wouldn't love a gift card/certificate for a massage, regardless of the occasion?

Husbands, wives, BFFs, sisters, mothers-in-law, teachers, employees-of-the-month, caregivers...  Nah, you're right.  None of them  would appreciate an unwinding, tension-relieving, wellness-building hour-or-so of bodywork.

Going to a baby shower?  Think the new mom would like a little help transitioning from the "Inner Carry" to the "Outer Carry?"* You Betcha'!

I have a couple of options for your shopping convenience:

In Store Purchase:

Planning to be in the office for a session for yourself?  Just let me know that you're interested in a Gift Certificate and we can take care of the details right there and then.

Or, if you'd like other payment options that don't involve giving out your credit card number, we can arrange a cash or check transaction during office hours.

I'm also available via phone, text, and email to accommodate any special requests or questions you may have.

Online Purchase:

​Available 24/7, the online store is your ticket to that last minute Mother's Day gift; buy it, print it, give it, done.  (Not that I'm condoning such behavior... but life with three kids sometimes snafu's even the best planning and intentions).  Anyway, if you want to print your own, go for it (as long as a valid order number is present, I'll accept just about anything); if you'd rather have one mailed, that's covered too (see below).

 Major credit cards are accepted.

Gifts are available in any denomination you like, but there are presets for the most common requests:

  • $100 - one 60 minute session

  • $140 - one 90 minute session

  • $450 - five 60 minute sessions

  • $850 - ten 60 minute sessions

Feel free to choose custom amounts to purchase multiple sessions ($200 for two 60 minute sessions, $300 for three 60 minute sessions, etc.), or just a straight-up dollar value. Call, text, or email if you'd like to figure just the right amount that works for you.

Online sales are delivered via email to your intended recipient immediately, or at a future date you specify. If you'd like a more elegant presentation, I'm happy to mail (to you or them) a gift certificate printed on heavy card stock  in a tasteful envelope. If you would NOT like email delivery to the recipient, use YOUR email address for BOTH the giver and receiver email fields on the next page.

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