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"The best things in life are free," a wise man once said.

I wonder if he ever had a great massage?


Well, I can't offer you free; but I can give you your money's worth.

For starters, let me say that my fee is based on your full booked time on the table. Meaning, if you book a 60 minute session, you get 60 minutes of work. You're not paying for our pre-massage chat (where we assess the best course of treatment for the session), or dressing, or for the post-session wrap-up. These are all on me. 

Per Session:

30 Min.  --- $50

60 Min.  --- $80

90 Min.  -- $125


(5) 60 min sessions pre-paid --- $340

(10) 60 min sessions pre-paid -- $660


Arlington Chiropractic Patients --- $5

Cash --- $5

Gift Certificates & Cards:

Do you know someone deserving of a massage?

Spouse, parent, teacher, best friend, expectant mother; a gift of massage makes and extraordinary choice.  Available in 60 and 90 minute varieties, and good for all services offered.  Transactions can be carried out via phone, email, or in person, and Certificates can be delivered via email, US Post, or held on account.  Contact me for questions or special requests.​


Gift Certificates can also be ordered & delivered online here.

Gift cards are available through the Square Wallet app on mobile devices as well. Search for Erik Taylor Massage Therapy in the Directory (within the app) and choose the paper airplane icon > send gift card.


60 min. --- $80

90 Min. --- $125


Some  Health (Flex) Spending Account cards are accepted.  Please check with your plan provider regarding requirements before your session; I am happy to provide whatever documentation you need.  Even with prior approval, there is occasionally a card that doesn't go through.  Payment is expected at time of service, so please have a back-up means with you.


I do not directly bill insurance companies for your care.  I am happy to, however, provide you with session notes and invoices for you to submit for reimbursement.  Payment is expected at time of service.

Referral Credit

My business sustains and grows through word-of-mouth.  When you refer a friend or loved one, you are entrusting me with their care and well-being.  As a thank you for your confidence, and your role in furthering my mission, I will extend a $40 credit (on account) for every new client that you send for a session.


Unfortunately, this credit cannot be redeemed for cash, but it can be applied toward the purchase of a gift certificate or any other service.

A Personal Note on Gratuities

Some of you who are reading this have received massages before and have tipped your therapist.  This is a fine and common practice in my field, especially in spa environments and clinics where the therapists are compensated with only a portion of the session fee.

I, however, am self-employed and set my compensation according to my needs, and commensurate to the amount of skill, knowledge, preparation, and effort I bring to every session.  I assure you, I am completely satisfied with the price structure I've set.

In addition, I would like to be considered as part of your healthcare team, as integral as your physician, dentist, chiropractor, etc.  I am happy, as the other members of this team are, to forgo a gratuity.

If you've had a good experience in my care, or my treatment has exceeded your expectations, you can express your appreciation by referring a friend, family member, co-worker, or anyone else who would benefit from my services.

A review on Yelp, a "like," a "+1", or a timely "tweet" in their respective social arenas have an enormous impact on my business with its word-of-mouth marketing model.

Please understand that I do  appreciate and honor your wish to give more, and look forward to providing the highest level of care that you will/have come to expect.

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