Home visits during COVID-19

I have been asked on a couple occasions following my re-opening if I would do home visits while our community deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been an area I've given a lot of thought to absent clear guidelines from State and Local authorities. And while I respect and appreciate that my clients are willing to incur added costs for travel and added time that such visits would necessitate, I must nonetheless decline to do home visits.

Massage therapy is, by nature, a very close-contact interaction. My ability to continue to operate relies on being able to control as much of the encounter as possible, the environment being one of the most essential elements. Much effort is expended by myself and office-mates to ensure that this virus gets stopped at the door, is contained within its hosts through mask use, and/or is killed on contact surfaces. I have a high level of confidence that the air my clients walk through on their path from the front door to my treatment room is free from contamination; and that when they are in my room, they are subject to an environment that I have considerable control over. 

As someone who treats the general public